I can’t believe it! I’m back and actually writing stuff!

So whats all this english? Am I gonna blog in english now? I dont know, maybe?! Maybe this next sentence will be in svenska och kanske fortsätter så tills hit innan det går over to english again and now youre all confused being like ”whaaat”?

You see, Ive discovered one thing and that is that I gotta stop censoring myself. I gotta stop correcting stuff and focus on spending the precious time I have on this planet to just vent stuff. Vent everything that pops up in my head. Not to take over the world or create world peace. Im not gonna do it to be the most loved and popular person out there either… Im gonna do it because I’m so curious as to whether or not there are people out there who need to hear what I have to say or who even might agree with me.

Writing all this here could send me their way, have us collide and maybe spark something new that otherwise would never have happened.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that I have to keep moving… Constantly moving and never sitting still. Refusing to have only one purpose in life or one job, one hobby or one specific type of friend.

Even as I’m writing this right now I’m completely without a plan as to where I will end up. I’m gonna continue this drumsolo among the keys on this keyboard and see where it all leads.

Aldrig Vila

Tomorrow I’m off to do an interview live at Radio P4 Stockholm. We’re gonna talk about Biggest Loser and mainly the psychological aspect of weight loss and gain. These are exciting times for me since being on these interviews sends me flying in the collision course I mentioned above – towards people who have no idea who I am or what I think. If I just focus on being me and speaking from my heart then everything that happens after that will be out of my hands. Stay true to yourself, always. Speak from your heart and try your outmost to stay in the now.

Having spent a weekend up north in my hometown surrounded by childhood friends who know me for who I really am It was really beautiful to feel how in synch the person I am now is to who they always thought I was in younger days. That’s something very encouraging to have with you as you step forward. To feel that you’re true not only to yourself but also as those who have stood beside you all these years as well.

This post is being written to be ready to read once we re-launch my website. The community is running very healthy now and it’s time to bring the focus back to the brand itself and what it represents to me. Me and my wife have so many journeys planned and we really want it to be easy to find out whats happening RIGHT NOW and for those who know nothing of us to get a really concentrated slice of information regarding us from the get go.

This also marks the re-launch of our webstore which will be bustling with new releases. Im a real t shirt junkie and we’ve finally managed to get the type of clothes we love wearing ourselves so now comes the time of printing all the awesome designs we have in store. We want to have a clothing line that is just as uncensored as we are. We want to speak our mind and try our ideas out there. If I come up with something that you decide to wear I’m gonna be so fucking happy you have no idea. And if you dont understand what I mean by certain ideas; thats ok too! Hopefully you’ll figure it out as we move forward.

As I said though; I wont censor myself and barely correct even spelling mistakes and bear with me on that one… I’ve come to realise that the first pitch I do is usually the most true and organic version of whatever I need to say. Take 1 and cut – that’s a wrap – NEXT! You know? Eeehhh anyway…

I think I’m gonna stop here. My sketch pad is right here next to me and I feel like drawing… I feel like drawing will make me happier right now so that’s exactly what Im gonna do now, not later… Im not gonna plan the drawing session. Right here right fucking now! To happiness and beyond!

Your restless soul