Hectic week and I seem to be recovering from what may have been the flu or something else. Basically my strength is cut in half and I'm not sleeping as well as I'd expect. During the recordings of the latest season (Season 4 since the reboot) of Gladiators - the…

So whats all this english? Am I gonna blog in english now? I dont know, maybe?! Maybe this next sentence will be in svenska och kanske fortsätter så tills hit innan det går over to english again and now youre all confused being like "whaaat"? You see, Ive discovered one…


.who I might be and what I should do. Problem is no one else around me has been doing anything similar. Only now do I have the means or idea as to how to describe myself. I’ve realized that in order for people to ever understand me it is my responsibility to describe myself better. And in order to do that which will probably take a long while perhaps forever – I have to start somewhere. Id like to thank the world for being so crazy; without it I would have nothing to question, twist and turn inside out.
I wanna thank whoever lived inside my head for this long, moved out and forgot to turn the light off. Thank you for this mess to organize, furniture of experience I now have to rearrange.
I wanna thank the unfairness of everything, the prejudice and imbalance. Without it I wouldn’t have anything to occupy my brain with. There would only be answers and no questions, there would be no reason for me to live since everything has already been explored and figured
I wanna thank the total imbalance for without evil there would be no Team Good I could work my way into the starting five of.
See what just happened? I got lost trying to say what I was supposed to say but, instead of trying to remember my initial point I will now venture forward and see what happens. Live in the now and adjust for whatever drops down in front of me. If no one ever understands me I at least hope they tried – because that’s what I’ve been doing all my life; trying to understand stuff and its so fucking wonderful!
I take no responsibility nor credit for what gets made here. This is my vent. This is my paint bucket of chaos and whatever piece of fabric it may discolor.